Ahead of the character’s eventual cinematic debut, DC Entertainment has announced a new graphic novel that will give Green Lantern a contemporary makeover and reimagine his comic book origins. Next year’s Green Lantern: Earth One will reposition Hal Jordan as an astronaut and scientist rather than an earthbound test pilot, with him discovering the Green Lantern ring by accident on an asteroid.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone turned 20 years old on June 26th, 2017, and perhaps the most appropriate place to celebrate the first score of the Harry Potter franchise is in a library. How to Pass Your O.W.L.s at Hogwarts: A Prep Course” is a curated collection of 40 images within The New York Academy of Medicine’s 33,000 rare book collection.


To tide us over until that happy day when Rothfuss will eventually publish The Doors of Stone and end the trilogy, DAW is re-releasing a deluxe, hardcover version of the novel for its 10th anniversary. The book will contain 50 new pages of special material, and a large portion of that will be illustrations from multiple Hugo Award-nominee Dan dos Santos.


Lionsgate has announced that Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda will be the creative producer for a series of screen adaptations of Patrick Rothfuss’ best-selling Kingkiller Chronicle novels. Lionsgate is planning a feature-film adaptation of the first book, along with a tie-in TV series that will further explore Rothfuss’ setting.

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