Ahead of the character’s eventual cinematic debut, DC Entertainment has announced a new graphic novel that will give Green Lantern a contemporary makeover and reimagine his comic book origins. Next year’s Green Lantern: Earth One will reposition Hal Jordan as an astronaut and scientist rather than an earthbound test pilot, with him discovering the Green Lantern ring by accident on an asteroid.


There’s no director/composer collaboration more fruitful or famous than that of Steven Spielberg and John Williams, but as Spielberg’s next two films come together at the same time, Williams is having to skip scoring duties for one. The filmmaker shot the effects-driven sci-fi adaptation Ready Player One last year, but with a March 2018 release date, post-production has been a lengthy process.


EA has announced details for Star Wars Battlefront II’s open beta. The beta begins on October 6 and runs until October 9, but those who pre-order the game can jump in two days earlier. Participating players will be able to take part in the Galactic Assault on Naboo, the massive 40-player battle on the streets of Theed shown off at E3 2017 last month.

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